Fresh Food Co.

Keep It Simple, Make It Great!

The Fresh Food Company defines a new era for campus restaurants.
Starting with the freshest ingredients possible, we turn our kitchens
inside out to create an environment where chefs craft every dish to-order, in front of our guests. Modeled after an open marketplace, this approach allows us to creatively deliver a simply great, fresh experience — every time!

Authentic Food, Authentic Connections

A fresh dining experience is more than the food on the plate. Our success begins
with the genuine connections we make with your students. Welcoming smiles,
knowing a student’s daily order, or simply creating laughter are all part of The Fresh Food Company promise.

Fresh Isn’t Just Our Mantra, It’s Our Mission

Fresh food goes beyond fresh ingredients—it’s part of everything we do. At our heart is a passion
for exceptional menus and innovative flavors inspired by cultures around the world. The everchanging
culinary cravings of today’s students are met with a creative kitchen design that
encourages daily menu flexibility… think Tandoori chicken on Monday and Roasted Eggplant
Flatbread on Tuesday.
But what about healthy options? Or dietary restrictions? Already have it covered. Food is made
in small batches and use zero grams trans fat oils and spreads which means healthier options
from the start. Every day there are a variety of options for those low calorie, low fat, low carb,
vegan, or vegetarian preferences. Allergic to peanuts? No problem. Need a gluten-free option?
Of course. With this approach, it’s easy to accommodate specific dietary sensitivities, food
allergies, and diverse palates.
Our fresh menu mission keeps excitement and curiosity at a high. Then, to keep the fresh going,
preparation and cooking happens continuously each day, every day, to ensure our guests enjoy
the most delicious food possible.