East Campus P.O.D & Bleecker St Deli

P.O.D. Market & Bleecker St. Deli

This East Campus retail venue is our latest addition to campus.  Featuring, Bleecker St, an urban-style, fast-casual bakery serving fresh-baked artisan breads, signature sandwiches, paninis, and gourmet soups and salads.  Bleecker St. is centered around an authentic New York-style bakery café where great tasting signature sandwiches, artisan breads, are made hot from the oven. In addition to Bleecker St., there is a full convenience-store concept, P.O.D. Market, with a wide variety of grab & go items including kosher or halal foods, snacks, and beverages.   The convenience store also offers fresh brewed Compass Coffee, F’Real milkshakes, and a Freestyle Coke beverage machine.  This East Campus location is open Monday through Sunday 8:30am – 10:00pm.

Explore. Engage. Transform.

The East Campus sophomore residential experience is centered around the themes of exploration, engagement, and transformation: exploring one’s self and all that AU and D.C. have to offer, engaging with a multitude of faculty/staff, peers, and subject matters, and transforming one’s campus experience and community.

East Campus is meant to be a hub for students to live and learn. There will be opportunities to connect with faculty in an informal setting, connect with peers in the community at both small- and large-scale programs and study breaks held by Resident Advisors throughout the year, and participate in events held by Hall Council.